INSiGHT: MyM Magazine: Issue 62 (Review)

By Drew Hurley 09.06.2017

INSiGHT: MyM Magazine: Issue 62 (Review) on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The cover article in Issue 62 goes to Birthdays the Beginning, the crazy new sandbox creation sim. Designer Yasuhiro Wada spoke exclusively to MyM Magazine about his influences, the features of the game, creating creatures, as well as structures in his sandbox and the development of his title.

As always, this is one of many exclusive interviews. Cinephiles rejoice as MyM got to spend some time with Quentin Tarantino and the cast of Reservoir Dogs as they reunited for the film's 25th anniversary. Tarantino and the cast wax lyrical about the making of this iconic pulp classic, talking about the fun they had while making it and sharing some crazy tales from the premiere. There's also a chat with Summer Glau in advance of her appearance at the MCM crowning event that took place in May. There's even an exclusive interview with Dutch-British animator, Michael Dudok De Wit, talking about the film he co-wrote and directed, the film that deserved the Best Animated Film Oscar, The Red Turtle.

Anime fans! The new season is well in swing now and MyM gives its picks on what to watch (even if it does miss some real gems…). On top of that, all the latest UK releases are reviewed, titles like Fairy Tail Part 13, Persona 3: Movie 2 - Midsummer Knight's Dream and Amagami SS.

There are also reviews for the big movies, comics, and manga this month, although, strangely, no game reviews… there are game previews, though, looking at some of the biggest titles that are quickly approaching, right there on the horizon.

All of this, along with tons more articles and features, including a Beginner's Guide to Ridley Scott, a look back at 2000AD over the last 40 years, cinematographer Katsu Yanagijima chats about a career spent making movies with 'Beat' Takeshi, and a report on Europe's largest Asian film festival… MyM 62 is available now from all good retailers.

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