EA Reveals Details About FIFA 18 on the Switch

By Tomas Barry 11.06.2017

EA Reveals Details About FIFA 18 on the Switch on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

It's been known for many months now that there will be a version of FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch. However, yesterday during the EA Play press conference, EA Sports finally revealed some further details about this version and how it will differ to the PS4, XB1 and PC release.

Although there have been rumours that FIFA 18 would be based on a build intended for PS3 and Xbox 360 owners, from the details emerging, it appears the Switch edition will not be as light-weight as some feared initially. The significant omissions do not appear to be deal-breakers.

Firstly, there won't be a Journey mode on the Switch edition, which is a single player story experience first introduced to the series in last year's iteration. This is not a massive loss, unless the feature has been completely transformed from last year. Suffice to say, it's hardly the go-to component of FIFA for many people, and as such, it's an understandable omission.

Perhaps more of a sticking point, FIFA 18 on the Switch will not be running on the Frostbite engine, the one that EA Sports talked up so much last year. While this time round the developers are promising more discernible gameplay improvements via this engine, as opposed to just the graphical progress seen in last year's FIFA 17 - it will be revealing to see how the Switch version progresses alongside the standardised versions. This is particularly so as reception for this title could influence if and how EA roll out their other popular mainstream sport games on the platform.

The core experience of FIFA 18, pleasingly, will be present on the Switch. This includes Ultimate Team, online and offline seasons multiplayer, the usual career mode, tournament mode, skill and practice mini-games and more. Single Joycon-support has been confirmed, which could help this version to become the definitive for local multiplayer, and overall the first EA Sports title on the Switch is shaping up very nicely.

FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch will release alongside all other versions on September 29th 2017.  

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