Anime Review: Amagami SS Plus (Lights, Camera, Action!)

By Drew Hurley 21.06.2017

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Amagami SS Plus (UK Rating: 12)

The original series, Amagami SS, was an adaptation of Enterbrain's visual novel dating sim and was surprisingly enjoyable. There is an unbelievable amount of these types of anime out there and most of them follow a very formulaic and by-the-numbers approach to the shows. Amagami, instead, delivered unique and distinct romances that had realistic and identifiable moments, instead of relying on just age-old anime tropes. It also adapted every story from the game, delivering six distinct stories instead of muddling them all together. This latest instalment expands each of those with an extra two episodes for each girl. Do those romances need the extra dates, though, or is this just an unnecessary addition? Amagami SS Plus comes courtesy of MVM Entertainment and is out now.

Who doesn't love a good epilogue? A chance to see where the characters ended up after the story reached its conclusion, plus how relationships change and develop. Amagami SS was made up of six very different stories, some clearly wrapping up a story and others building up to a relationship forming, but never actually seeing how the pair would do as a couple.

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The series gets a reorder but, with each story acting as a standalone story, it means fans can pick exactly which lady's story to see. Straight-laced class rep Tsukasa Ayatsuji has kept her relationship with Junichi quiet, and the story picks up with her planning on running for Student Council President, along with posting Junichi as her Vice-President. The couple have to overcome gossip, and the machinations of a manipulative rival student means that she interjects herself between the pair. Rihoko's story ended with her long time love for Junichi remaining unrequited, in possibly the most disappointing story of the original six. The pair is running the Tea Club and now, thankfully, shippers of Junichi x Rihoko finally get exactly what they want here. Junichi's relationship with Nanasaki becomes very strained; the difference in their ages combined with Junichi's studying for university; their story in this season is one that looks at the challenges of keeping a relationship going while being unable to spend time together.

Kaoru and Junichi head off on a special trip together. This trip, of course, goes completely wrong. The pair ends up bickering and fighting while dropping themselves into awkward situations. The relationship with quiet girl Sae continues to be quite the subdued affair, but gives an "eight years later" sequence that more than makes up for it. Best of all, too, fourth wall breaking narrator Jouji Nakata returns. The relationship with Morishima develops to something much more serious, with engagement, and a marriage on the cards! Then, finally, there is one single episode for Miya, Junichi's sister… let's just say there's an audience out there for these things, so someone will be happy.

Rated 7 out of 10

Very Good - Bronze Award

Rated 7 out of 10
Fans of the original series will be happy to get their hands on Amagami SS Plus, with each story feeling like appropriate expansions to each romance, instead of feeling like unnecessarily tacked on endings, even giving closure to some stories that originally felt quite unfinished. Just like the original, though, this series is as much of a mixed bag as the first. Some of the stories are fantastic, delivering actual comedy and heartfelt moments, while others are dull or just plain stupid. It's definitely worth a watch for romance or dating sim fans, though.

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