15 Minutes of Dragon Quest XI on 3DS

By Adam Riley 21.06.2017 1

15 Minutes of Dragon Quest XI on 3DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Enjoy 15 minutes of Dragon Quest XI in the latest Nintendo Direct presentation. Today, over in Japan, Square Enix's latest instalment in its biggest selling RPG series, Dragon Quest, was full unveiled on Nintendo 3DS, showing off the expected 3D mode, as well as the gorgeous SNES-like mode that players can select, as well as an extra special NES styling.

Whilst not in English, the Nintendo Direct presentation is well worth watching:

Will you be importing Dragon Quest XI when it hits Japan on 29th July, despite the language barrier?

Box art for Dragon Quest XI

Square Enix


Square Enix


Turn Based RPG



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I'm loving the retro SNES vibe. Makes me want to play through just in that mode alone! I'm unsure how the NES bit plays out - is it just a bonus mode, or small section of the game? Whatever the case, it's a nice touch.

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