Nintendo's Splatoon Invades UK Chart

By Adam Riley 24.07.2017 6


Nintendo's Splatoon 2 invades the UK chart as its sequel tops Chart-Track UK's Top 40 Entertainment Software - Individual Formats Top 40, ranked by value of software sold. In terms of sheer units, Crash Bandicoot jumped to No.1, but in the 'how much money made' stakes, Splatoon 2 replicated what ARMS previously did and leapt into the top spot after its first weekend of release.

Find out why Cubed3's Tom Barry called Splatoon 2 "an altogether much improved sequel, which is worthy of anyone's attention, whether an existing fan or a newcomer" and said it "is a brilliant and refreshing competitive multiplayer experience, both online and offline" in Cubed3's extensive review.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe shot back up to No.3, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild bounced back to No.4, ARMS clawed its way back up to No.11, and even 1-2-Switch was resurrected by the new Switch activity, shooting up 16 places to No.15, with various Pokémon and Mario Kart 3DS entries lower down in what is a surprisingly healthy Top 40 showing for Nintendo.

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Our member of the week

You can tell the all important release of what is essentially the first new entry into a KNOWN Nintendo franchise since the release of the Switch (excluding zelda at launch which wasn't exclusive to the system) has pulled other Switch games back up from people who waited specifically for THIS game to pick up the system itself (assuming the UK isnt experiencing the shortages like other regions do)

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Given the way the chart looks I'd say the Switch just came back in stock. It seems bizzare otherwise to see the resurgence of Zelda and Mario Kart (unless there is a sale somewhere)

I can imagine these games will linger in around Christmas as well. Nintendo should do a Zelda deluxe edition at Christmas with the DLC and bundle it with the Switch. As long as Nintendo can keep the bloody thing in stock then I can see Nintendo storming it for the rest of the year.

James (guest) 25.07.2017#3

Yeah it's sold out over here pretty much all the time in the UK and the baseline units per week is around 10,000 units.

I reckon Nintendo held back some stock which I totally am for if it can help them in the run up to the release of Odyssey.

The Switch uses the same components as other mobile phones, like iPhone, so Nintendo is competing with Apple and the like for them, leading to a struggle to mass produce Switches, hence the shortages worldwide. Over time, things should hopefully work out, but it has impacted Nintendo's sales targets.

On the charts, it's good to see some decent Nintendo software in there for once, and not the general shovelware trash we've been accustomed to in the UK. Brightens up the list a bit.

( Edited 25.07.2017 17:19 by Azuardo )

I guess they might be saving it up stock for Oddessy to make sure that they are creating more noise than Microsoft. I'd be intrigued to see if the XB1X takes any sales away from the Switch. (Although I doubt it) 

Our member of the week

Flynnie said:
I guess they might be saving it up stock for Oddessy to make sure that they are creating more noise than Microsoft. I'd be intrigued to see if the XB1X takes any sales away from the Switch. (Although I doubt it) 

I think the XB1X might take money off people's pockets that may have otherwise gone into Switch, for those that really want the most powerful console on the market anyway. But as far as audience goes, I think both will appeal to completely different crowds and shouldn't interfere with one another unless in the case of those who don't care about power but want a bit of everything that's out there and have a limited budget (the X won't be cheap at all after all).

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

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