Cubed3 Plays 1 Hour of the Project Octopath Traveller Demo

By Rudy Lavaux 14.09.2017 1

Cubed3 Plays 1 Hour of the Project Octopath Traveller Demo on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

In its latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo made its first proper introduction of Square Enix's exclusive Switch game titled Project Octopath Traveller and along with that introduction however was announced that a demo of the game would be made available right after the end of the Nintendo Direct so naturally our resident JRPG afficionado wasted no time to download the demo and present to Cubed3 readers and viewers a first glimpse at what to expect, in the form of one hour of gameplay with the character of Primrose.


Project Octopath Traveller (title not yet definitive) is set for a worldwide release at an as of yet unannounced date in 2018, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Did you like what you saw in our video? Are you excited for Project Octopath Traveller and do you plan on purchasing it when it lands on Nintendo Switch in 2018? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

Box art for Project Octopath Traveler

Silicon Studio


Square Enix


Turn Based RPG



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Just started Primrose's path. The English VA leaves a lot to be desired, but my word is it gorgeous. I'll dabble it more over the next few days, but I'm really liking the look of this. I'm just picturing FF1-6 remakes in this style now.

( Edited 14.09.2017 02:06 by Azuardo )

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