DVD Movie Review: Resurrection of Evil (Lights, Camera, Action!)

By Drew Hurley 15.09.2017 1

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Resurrection of Evil (UK Rating: 18)

For the residents of Havenhurst, there is one simple rule to abide by: live a good and honest life. Havenhurst takes in the dregs of society who are trying to get their lives back on track - taking in alcoholics and prostitutes, drug addicts, and paedophiles. They are safe in their new home should they renounce their previous sins and keep themselves on the straight and narrow; should they fall back into old habits, though, they face eviction and that is a fate worse than death. Resurrection of Evil (know as Havenhurst in the US, and from the producers of the Saw series of movies) is available from 16th October.

The latest resident of Havenhurst is a young woman named Jackie Sullivan (played by Julia Benz, famously Darla of Buffy and Angel and Rita in Dexter). Jackie's history is a tragic one; suffice it to say that her alcoholism cost her the most important thing in her life and now she's moving into Havenhurst to try and get her life back on track. It turns out, though, that those who are evicted are slaughtered by a hulking bald man who stalks the floors of this gothic hotel.

There's more to the building than meets the eye. The whole building is a giant clockwork mousetrap and the sinister force lurking in the shadows is able to bend the very walls of the building to his whims, appearing from nowhere and stalking, unseen, behind the walls. Those inhabitants who break the rules are dragged into the depths of this complex slaughterhouse and never seen again. Jackie finds herself trying to protect a young girl who has also been housed there while also trying to track down the previous inhabitant of her new home.

Resurrection is somewhere between a horror and a thriller but it doesn't really deliver as either. The horror elements rely on some cheap jump scares that fail to evoke a reaction from even the jumpiest in the audience, and the accompanying gore sequences will have a similar effect on squeamish viewers. The thriller elements are just as bad, too, with the story completely lacking in any sort of intrigue or tension. Every big plot point or reveal is hugely telegraphed and horribly overdone. While the story flounders, the acting isn't all bad. Benz is quite enjoyable and Fionnula Flanagan delivers a completely over the top performance that brings to memory the work of Carolyn Minnott in The Room.

Rated 2 out of 10

Very Bad

It's incredibly brave for a film to break away from the usual three act structure and try, instead, for something new to surprise its audience. These types of horrors or thrillers can often be relied on to do exactly that and while Resurrection of Evil does certainly try, it fails - horribly. It's not even one of those horror movies that is so bad that it's good. What should have been a chilling and claustrophobic tale is instead a cliché mess that seems to lack any real merit.

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Ha Mocani (guest) 15.09.2017#1

Excellent Blog!! Thanks for sharing.

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