DVD Review: Moone Boy Season 3 (Lights, Camera, Action!)

By Jamie Mercer 15.09.2017

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Moone Boy Season 3 (UK Rating: 12)

Moone Boy is the brainchild of actor and comedian Chris O'Dowd, which shows the life of a young school boy called Martin Moone (David Rawle) who is growing up in 1990s Boyle, County Roscommon (O'Dowd's real life hometown), in a family dominated by females. He decides that he should have more male role models to relate to, so on the advice of his real life friend, decides to make an imaginary friend, Sean Murphy (O'Dowd) - a thirty-something man whose knowledge, life-experience, and ability to dress himself is remarkably similar to Martin's.

Martin's obliviousness to the world around him is only further egged on and encouraged by Murphy. Rawle does a very good job at being mischievous, scheming, and surprised when his plans don't always work out as intended.

What is always a pleasure is the structure of show; it's very traditional in many senses. It follows a fairly typical sitcom routine with a narration harking back to the likes of The Wonder Years or, more recently, The Goldbergs, but the idea of having the imaginary friend provide the narration retrospectively works really well.

Fans of the previous seasons will note that season three tends to separate Martin and Sean, with the former spending more time with his real-life friend. Despite this, the crux of the show is still the relationship between the childlike Sean and the wise and unbending Martin.

Moone Boy has been incredibly charming throughout its initial two seasons, and the charm does not ease up. Season three sees Murphy attempt to make friends with some of the other imaginary friends in the town and even spends an entire episode away from Martin as the youngster ends up in Dublin and leaves his made up pal behind. During this time, Sean Caution Murphy tries to attach himself as the imaginary friend to Martin's sisters.

Moone Boy continues to be sweet and has a real feel-good vibe to it, which makes spending any time in this world a real pleasure and a joy.

Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
Moone Boy Season 3 is a lovely end to a whimsical and fantastical series. O'Dowd has worked on some big projects lately, with The IT Crowd and an appearance in the Marvel universe, but he clearly took a lot of time and care with Moone Boy to create something personal and artistically meaningful. Well worth a watch, and fans of comedy should start from the beginning to watch the show in full.

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