Anime Review: Girls und Panzer: This is the Real Anzio Battle!

By Drew Hurley 01.12.2017 1

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Girls und Panzer: This is the Real Anzio Battle (UK Rating: PG)

After the recent - and surprisingly good - Girls und Panzer: Der Film, MVM is bringing the seventh of the OVAs to the UK. This story jumps back to the national tournaments of the original series and gives an extended look into Ooarai's opponents, Anzio. It's an unusual release, though, running at less than 50 minutes. Does it justify its cost?

Anyone who has watched the original series will know that the Anzio battle was strangely shortened and summarised. All the while, the creators planned to dedicate a chunk of time to the Anzio battle longer than what it would have received in a single episode and it's good that they did. Stepping away from the main cast, this instead gives a look at the Anzio girls and the girls of Hippo team. Both groups have some fantastic characters that never really had enough time to shine in the original series. The Anzio ladies represent Italy in the world of Garupan and epitomise the stereotypical Italians; it's silly, cliché and over the top, but has some amusing moments.

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It's a strange decision to release this after the movie. While there are some enjoyable moments and a signature enjoyable Sensha-do battle to finish on (along with a great after credit sequence that explains Anzio's absence at the final battle), it still can't possibly live up to Girls und Panzer: Der Film and feels like it should have either come out before the movie, or come as a multipack of OVAs. It really works best being watched alongside the original series, so here's hoping one day there's an ultimate edition release that includes all of the series, OVAs, and movies in the correct order.

Rated 4 out of 10


For long-term fans of the series, and indeed for new Garupan fans who are diving head first into the series after enjoying the movie, this is an essential addition to the story. Despite its short running time, its focus on some of the supporting cast helps develop the lesser known characters, and it delivers a fantastic battle at its finale, which is both smart and exhilarating. That being said, the short running time for a full retail price is a little much to ask, demonstrating a bad habit of anime DVD releases that is thankfully now dying out. That frankly ridiculous price makes this rather unappetising.

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