Anime Review: Dragon Ball Super Season 1 Part 2

By Drew Hurley 11.03.2018

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Dragon Ball Super Season 1 Part 2 (UK Rating: 12)

The golden age of the rebirth of Dragon Ball continues as the second part of the renewed series returns and as is evident from the cover to this collection, it's bringing back a fan favourite character with a whole new look. While it's titled "Season 1 Part 2," this release consists of the conclusion to the first arc - The God of Destruction arc - and begins the second arc - The Golden Frieza arc. This latest instalment of the legendary king of Shonen is available now courtesy of Manga UK.

Thanks to the foolish way these collections were organised, the very first episode in this new collection is actually the finale of the previous collection. The showdown between Goku with his new Super Saiyan God abilities facing off against the God of Destruction, Beerus, reaches its explosive conclusion and as is the norm with Dragon Ball, the once hated enemy suddenly becomes a friend and ally. With the next handful of episodes, viewers get to see Goku and Vegeta heading off with Beerus and Whis to undergo training from the latest most powerful being in the universe. They are going to need it, too, as an old fan favourite villain is back and badder than ever.

Some of the last remaining minions of Frieza have made a very long trek across the galaxy to finally resurrect their lord and master. That's right, the greatest Dragon Ball villain of all time is bursting back onto the scene and he's even gone and gotten himself a new form, too... and he's not coming alone. Somehow, the remnants of Frieza's army are on hand to ensure that the supporting Dragon Ball  Z warriors have a chance to throw down, too.

Much like how the first arc of Super covered a story already told in a Dragon Ball movie, this is much the same. It's a little more than what was originally released in Resurrection of F, however, with considerable changes to the story, fleshing out the background a great deal more. There is a big problem with this release, however. Identical to the first part, this collects an entire Super arc… bar ONE EPISODE! This release contains episodes 14-26. The Golden Frieza arc consists of episodes 14-27! Meaning the final episode and climax of the battle is still yet to come in the next release… Manga really should look to add just one more episode to these releases.

This arc exemplifies everything that fans love about Dragon Ball. The training sequences hearken back to Goku's training with King Kai and the good old hyperbolic time chamber. Seeing Frieza return is a real joy and the combat sequences here are some of the best seen in Dragon Ball history.

This release comes with both the English and Japanese dub, along with once again offering a Marathon Play option for those who plan to just Saiyan and Chill. The bonus feature in this collection gives fans a chance to watch Dragon Ball Super with the newcomers to the series as voice actors Ian Sinclair (Whis) and Jason Douglas (Beerus) watch some episodes along with Jason Douglas' kids. It's utterly charming. There's also the textless opening and closing songs, and a handful of trailers.

Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
Is there any Dragon Ball fan who doesn't love Frieza? His return alone is worth the price of admission here - just hearing that iconic voice once again, regardless if it's in the original Japanese or English dub, is brilliant. Dragon Ball Super Season 1 Part 2 is a fantastic addition to the Dragon Ball mythos and the precursor to the first truly original Dragon Ball Super arc. Next up comes Goku Black!

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