INSiGHT: MyM Magazine: Issue 71 (Review)

By Drew Hurley 12.03.2018

INSiGHT: MyM Magazine: Issue 71 (Review) on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

This month's MyM Magazine comes with its regular feature of two different covers. The first, for the main body of the magazine, shows off a promo image of Rick, Michonne, and Daryl preparing for all-out war as the second part of the latest season of The Walking Dead land. To celebrate, there is an exclusive interview with Khary Payton - King Ezekiel - talking about what to expect as the huge battle is reaching its final conclusion. The second cover features Tabitha Lyons, a renowned cosplayer, and she gets a handful of pages dedicated to her at the back.

This month's issue doesn't pack quite as many interviews as the last but it goes for quality over quantity. Legendary (and divisive) comic creator, Rob Liefeld, is on-hand for a chat. Best known as the creator of Deadpool and Cable, with the new Deadpool movie dropping soon - which is including Cable! - he has some choice words for this new adaptation of his baby. Then Roosterteeth is on-hand to talk about its work.

On the event front, MyM checks out some of the coolest new toys coming soon at Toy Fair 2018, where everyone is being catered for, whether it be life-size prop replicas from Sentai history, hot new anime figures from Star Images, or the crazy licences Playmobil is suddenly strangely landing.

There's plenty for the Otaku in this issue once again. MyM checks out all the hot new anime airing exclusively on Netflix right now, with the groundbreaking Devilman Crybaby, the return to form of the King of Kaiju in Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters and KyoAni's latest masterpiece, Violet Evergarden.

On the reviews front, anime fans can look forward to seeing all the best that every anime distributor here in the UK has to offer this month. With highlights like Attack on Titan Season 2 from Sony Pictures, Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You from Manga UK, and a whole host of series from All the Anime, including Grimgar of Ashes and Illusions, Peacemaker Kurogane and Chrono Crusade.

All this, along with tons more articles and features, including the usual cosplay photos and interviews with cosplayers, game previews for some highly anticipated titles like Ni No Kuni 2, a featurette on anime that work history into a unique twist, like FATE, Sengoku Basara and Nobunaga the Fool, reviews of all the latest and greatest comics, movies, and much more! MyM Magazine 71 is available now from all good retailers.

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