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By Drew Hurley 08.04.2018 1

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Testament of Sister New Devil (UK Rating: 18)

While Anime Limited has made a name for itself in bringing some of the finest series in Japan to the UK, it has also been bringing some heavily fan-service laden stories thanks to its partnership with Funimation. The latest in that line is Testament of Sister New Devil, based on a series of light novels that has to date received two anime series and three OVAs, along with two manga adaptations. This first season introduces everyday high-school student, Basara Tojo, who just happens to be a secret exile from the legendary hero clan. Basara finds two new sisters in his life, one of which happens to be the daughter of the demon lord. Basara must protect his new sisters but finds enemies on both sides of an age-old war. This release comes courtesy of Anime Limited and contains the entirety of Season 1, consisting of twelve episodes, and is out now!

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There are countless ecchi series out there; the type of harem series where titillation and fan-service are the focus of the show. Series where upskirts and downblouses appear often, but the X-rated details are left to the imagination. This is not one of those types of series; this is more in-line with series like Highschool DxD and Sekirei; the type of the series who are happy to show nipples instead of obscuring them with beams of light or convenient smoke; series that show extreme details beneath the skirt and holding the camera on fondling where much more is applied. The problem is, while the ecchi shows have an audience out there, their lewd elements are not an excuse or a replacement for a quality story. There have already been other series out there that have managed to balance the perviness with a decent series; if Monster Musume and Rosario Vampire can do it, others can, too.

Basara's father has little compunction about suddenly changing their lives as he announces to his son that he's getting married, despite Basara never having met his betrothed. The marriage will mean two younger sisters - busty redhead, Mio, and the petite potential loli, Maria - are joining their family. There's a drastically different story playing out here than a simple slice of life with step-sibling romance here, though. The girls have hypnotised Basara's father and are actually a pair of demons looking for a place to hide out. They think Basara and his father are decent patsies to use, so Maria (actually a Succubus) uses her magic to manipulate Basara into leaving after his father heads out of town on business, leaving the pair of them a house to live in. Succubus magic is easily dispelled by those of the hero clan, though, and Basara and his father just happen to be exiles from the clan.

Despite the betrayal and the lies, Basara finds out that his new sisters have had something of a tragic past and so dedicates himself to protecting them from heroes and demons both. Mio's father was the previous Demon Lord but both he and Mio's mother were ruthlessly slaughtered before her very eyes. Now the servants of the new Demon Lord want to wipe out the remaining bloodline. Similarly, those from Basara's hero village are sent to destroy the sisters, to ensure the battle between demons doesn't affect the civilians of the human world.

It seems a promising premise but it doesn't develop into one. There is honestly a solid enough story, but it's absolutely buried under the mountains of simulated sex and extreme fan-service. So far, in fact, that it practically turns this into a straight up hentai series. For some reason, Maria puts a curse on Mio, making her Basara's servant, and to strengthen his combat ability he has to dominate her. This is done via hyper-sexualised scenes where characters are heavily groped with maple syrup or massaged with cake or other such silliness; each time with the characters looking like their doing much more. There's something of a love-triangle later into the show, and little Maria jumps in for some fun regularly, too. Have to have a harem for the protag after all…

The series comes from Production IMS, an anime studio that only had three other series to its name previous to putting out Testament of Sister New Devil, those being Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha, Date A Live II, and Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!, all of which gave it experience with ecchi fan-service materials. It's in the fan-service that the series shines, as outside of those scenes it's serviceable but certainly not anything special or memorable. The fan-service scenes are done better than most and it would make this review rather R-rated to describe them. Suffice to say, the animators clearly did a lot of research and have produced a satisfying end result when it comes to the racy moments.

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Both the English and Japanese dub are available for this release for all twelve episodes and for the bonus OVA episode included in this release. There is also a series of bonus features, entitled "Maria's secret videos". These are six short videos that show chibified versions of Mio and Maria watching the various naughty scenes from over the course of the series, providing some comedy commentary… although this is only available in Japanese.

Rated 4 out of 10


The important thing to understand with Testament of Sister New Devil is that it's closer to a hentai series than a regular series with ecchi elements. If that's what the viewer is after, this will deliver a decent enough story with tons of just what those fans hope for; uncensored scenes that are well done. Those hoping for something more should move along. The story has promise but never delivers, the characters feel positively schizophrenic with vastly differing personalities between scenes, and the twisted scenes are too plentiful and too extreme to focus on the story.

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