Tech Up! snakebyte’s Gaming:Seat Review

By Adam Riley 11.07.2018

Where you park your behind is extremely important when it comes to gaming since, after all, it is more than likely that derriere is going to be plonked in one place for a heck of a long time, especially when working through epic adventures. Cubed3 thought it had found something amazing a few years back, with the Xenta Pedestal Gaming Chair that allowed for plugging audio sources into it, but sadly that turned out to be uncomfortable in the long run, and far too creaky. Now snakebyte has dipped its toes into the ocean of chairs with its dedicated Gaming : Seat.

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The massive disappointment with Xenta's product way back when was that despite its ease of construction, and initial comfort, it was not long before it started creaking and squeaking constantly, plus having a circular base with no wheels proved to be cumbersome after just a short time. Forget how great the in-built audio system was, it ended up being a dead weight that now sits abandoned in the downstairs conservatory as a spare chair if too many guests are visiting.

In steps snakebyte with its Gaming : Seat. Is it quite as easy to put together? No, not really, but since it comes with an two Allen keys, and all other components to screw all the separate parts together, as well as coming with a decent enough set of instructions, around 30-45 minutes later it was safely pieced together and ready for action; for the lazy gamer, this timeframe just about stays within the acceptable boundary.

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Xenta may have the upper hand in terms of its audio functionality, but snakebyte bites back with the fact that it is fantastically comfortable for prolonged periods of time, has no squeaking issues, can recline, and comes on a five wheels for ease of movement. Oh, and there is an extendable footrest underneath the seat, as well as adjustable arm rests (although these feel a bit wobbly at times), both in terms of vertical movement, as well as rotating and shifting back-and-forth. With a soft-yet-sturdy neck rest cushion and lumbar support, so far it has been a dream to sit on, not just for gaming, but also when writing up reviews…like this very one!

Check out some of the official features below:

• BIFMA-standard base, mechanism, and wheels;
• Height adjustable arm and backrest;
• Includes pull-out footrest;
• Cover: 3D Fabric and synthetic leather;
• Class 4 gas lift system;
• 220lbs / 100kg load capacity;
• Seat width approx. 20in / 50cm;
• Seat depth approx. 20in / 50cm;
• Seat height 15.7-19in / 40-48cm.

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Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
snakebyte has a very impressive product on its hands with the Gaming : Seat, acting not just mere gaming chair, but also as a very durable, easy to adjust, and highly comfortable option as a computer desk chair thanks to its soft-yet-supportive cushioning and easy movement wheel base. It may come in at a higher price that other options on the market, but at least users will be assured of its long-lasting quality.

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