Tech Up! Team Xecuter’s SX Review

By Adam Riley 16.07.2018

People love to tinker with new hardware, seeing what hidden depths a fresh piece of kit has, and what untapped potential it really has. Freeware ports of classics will often appear, and some fan-made games and applications will rear there head over the years. Some love to play around and go down the piracy route, but Cubed3 will steer clear of that discussion. The point at hand is that Team Xecuter's method of accessing parts of the Switch that others have so far been unable to is now here. How easy is it to use, and is it worth the purchase?

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The first thing of note is how slick this SX device is, as well as sturdy. Care and attention has definitely been put into the crafting of this piece of kit, from the dongle attachment that slides easily into the USB-C port on the underneath of the Nintendo Switch, to even the small contraption that goes down the metal runner insert where the right Joy-Con normally resides. It is quite straightforward to get everything set up, as well, with a few basic files added to the Switch's SD card, and ensuring the latest SX firmware is loaded.

Also, as this takes advantage of a hardware-based exploit, rather than software loophole, it means all current Switch units on the market can make use of the SX, without fear of an update blocking it. Obviously, there are ways and means for Nintendo to ban online accounts if people start delving into non-legal waters, though, so anyone tempted in that direction should proceed with caution, or avoid completely.

Something that should be clarified is that Team Xecuter is providing its SX OS for free, thus meaning those wanting to try out homebrew and other applications can do so without any extra charge. The company is only charging for the grey area of allowing a special unlock to back-up games from existing, purchased game cards. Minor point, but worth mentioning for those wondering why there are different licences, with an SX PRO, on the company's website.

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Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
The beauty of Team Xecuter's method of opening up the Nintendo Switch for the purposes of homebrew is that it all works so smoothly, from initial setup to user interface, and with the group eager to please the masses by providing regular updates, this SX already looks to be the perfect, futureproof option for budding bedroom developers and those eager to try out some intriguing free projects on their Switch that otherwise would not be possible.

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