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By James Temperton 26.10.2004 1

Games Industry Welcomes Education Research Report
What most of us have been saying for years, but it's nice to hear it officially...

The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association, the industry body for computer and video games, has welcomed a new report that praises the positive impact that games have on children, encouraging their use in education. It confirms the message that the industry, along with many educationalists, have been promoting for over a decade.

Researchers at the Institute of Education at London University have been developing the report over the last three years. Today's findings, which have been partly financed by the DTI, confirm that games are good for a child's development. It also said that games development should be taught in schools, enabling children to become game makers as well as game players.

The research team noted that games entertain whilst promoting social development, and draws attention to game literacy as another means of representation, in the same way as writing or drawing. It also seeks to promote an understanding amongst parents and teachers that games are as culturally relevant as music, film and literature.

Roger Bennett, director general of ELSPA, said: "At a time of hysterical and inaccurate reporting it is heartening to see the cultural, social and educational value of computer and video games being assessed intelligently. Games are a part of life for people from five years old to 85 years old across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. They are produced by professionals with very sophisticated technology, with high production and creative values. Games contribute a huge amount to many many millions of people and are sold to the public in a responsible manner under a strict code of practise and ratings system in the UK.

"This report is further evidence, if it were needed, about the excellence and imagination that thrives in gaming. They have much to offer to the education of our children and they have much to offer as a career."

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