INSiGHT: Nintendo Switch’s eShop Greats – 28th August 2018

By Neil Flynn 29.08.2018 2

The end of the summer sale is in sight, but never fear, there will always be titles on sale, and Cubed3 is here to make sure that only the top games are purchased. Get in quick, though, because titles often drop out of the sales quickly.

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 Inspired by one of the greatest Nintendo franchises of all time, Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King is a Zelda-inspired action adventure game with its own charm and compelling story. This is not to be missed, so grab Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King now for £8.99 (saving 33%). The full review can be read here.

Brawl draws its inspiration from Konami's very own Bomberman with its strategical multiplayer bomb placing carnage. Character designs are a little less friendly than Bomberman but offer varied abilities, which adds in a whole new layer of depth. Don't blow a hole in your gaming budget, as Brawl is going for an eye watering £0.89 (saving 90%). Check out what Cubed3 said in the in-depth review here.

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Hollow Knight is 50% off. I picked that up. Really tempted by Blossom Tales too.

Yea I picked up Hollow Knight as well but that offer actually ended at the end of the bank holiday. It was the basis of me doing this article and as I started writing it it had been removed from the offers section. 

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