MusiCube: The Warehouse Project 2018 Preview

By Marcus Myers 11.09.2018

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Here we go again, for one last time at Store Street in Manchester. Yes, The Warehouse Project returns for the 2018 season!

Manchester's Warehouse Project, an iconic event in any clubber's calendar, graces its ancestral home of Store Street for its final swansong and befitting such an occasion, the line-up announced for this season promises to be its best yet.

Get yourselves ready for a mix of well-established acts such as Annie Mac, and Seth Troxler, alongside the up-and-coming artists that can be found on the circuit right now, like Ross from Friends and Bugzy Malone.

As if that wasn't enough, WHP 2018 has even more in store for you, with the behemoths of the dance scene, Underworld and Deadmau5 on the bill. All of this will provide unforgettable nights throughout the autumn and winter months in an air raid shelter turned car park, turned mecca for the discerning clubber.

Indeed for four months this city is theirs - the WHP - starting from 22nd September and going on until 1st January, 2019. Full details of all the acts and how to get tickets can be found at the official website.

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