INSiGHT: Nintendo Switch’s eShop Greats – 2nd October 2018

By Neil Flynn 02.10.2018

October is here and so are the big AAA releases, which is why October can also be the best month to find a steal on the eShop as other games get a huge mark down in price to steal the limelight. What, then, does Cubed3 recommend?

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The ever explosive and chaotic Worms series is back with their most destructive game yet, Worms W.M.D. Blasting onto Nintendo Switch with campaign missions and Forts mode, it has never been easier to get friends involved.

Don't miss out on the hilarious all-out tactical worm warfare, Worms W.M.D. can be downloaded now for £11.99 (saving 40%). The full review can be read here.

The Escapists 2 is the ultimate prison sandbox and it can now be taken anywhere thanks to the portability of the Nintendo Switch. Play online or locally with two-player split-screen mode and determine who's the quickest convict to make an escape. No need to break the bank to get involved with the Escapists 2 as it can be purchased for £11.99 (saving 40%). Check out what Cubed3 said in the in-depth review here.

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