Cubed3 Plays Gal Metal (Nintendo Switch) - 52 minutes of footage

By Rudy Lavaux 29.10.2018 1

Cubed3 Plays Gal Metal (Nintendo Switch) - 52 minutes of footage on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Have you ever fancied yourself a drummer? Ever dreamed what it was like to go to school in Japan? Ever wanted to repel an alien invasion? Gal Metal lets you do all those things combined!

Cubed3 got to try out the English localisation early and our review of the game will soon be available. But until then, you can already check out a bit of what the game is about and how it plays out by checking out our gameplay footage below


Are you looking forward to playing this game yourself? Stick to Cubed3 for the pending review coming up soon!

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This game looks bizarre but incredibly charming! I'll deffo need to pick it up!

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