Tech Up! Vinpok Split Review

By Drew Hurley 05.12.2018

The Nintendo Switch has revolutionised gaming on the go, giving gamers the ability to switch on the fly between playing on the handheld while travelling, and then switching up to the big screen when reaching a friend's home or hotel. However, there's one method of play that, while heavily advertised, doesn't live up to the hype. Many of the promo materials for the Switch show off putting the screen onto the middle of the table, handing out Joy-Con and firing into some multiplayer Mario Kart. However, while the 6.2" screen looks beautiful for portable play, using it as a screen to gather around is rather a strain on the eyes. Step up the Vinpok Split…
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The Vinpok Split is a 15.6", 1080p, ultra-lightweight touch-screen that can act as a screen on the go. This device isn't exclusively for use with the Switch, either. Need an extra screen for a tablet, laptop, or computer? The majority of PC users these days rely on having more than one screen, whether it be for work or pleasure, and those without a full-scale setup may be stuck on one screen if they are on a laptop. Here, the Split can be used for multi-tasking during work, for photo editing, and for watching movies while web browsing. It's impossible to go back to a single screen after trying out two. Two doesn't have to be the limit, either, as multiple Vinpok can be used in conjunction. Have a decent smartphone? Addicted to one of the many money-draining gacha games out there? Fate Grand Order? Fire Emblem Heroes? Nothing has ever looked better than blown up on the Vinpok Split. Not to mention the Vinpok can be treated as either a duplicate display with touch-screens accessible on both, or as a second screen for the phone. In fact, there's even a desktop mode.
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It's unbelievable just how light and thin the screen is. It's easy to take on the go and it comes with a dual-purpose screen cover/protector that folds out into a stand so it can be used anywhere… although, this will cost extra. It doesn't take up valuable real estate on a workstation or desk. On the commute, it can easily fit on a tray table or a lap on a bus or train, in a coffee shop, indoors or outside. For the specific stats, the Switch is a good basis to use for a comparison. As previously mentioned, the screen is 15.6" compared to the 6.2 of the Switch; the screen weighs 1.4lbs, compared to the Switch's 0.88lbs; and it's 0.35"thick, compared to the Switch's 0.55" thickness. There are two USB-C ports on the Split, one for power and one for data. When plugged into a Switch or phone, it needs a power cable attached, too, yet when connected to a computer, it gets power from the device. In a weird decision, the USB-C have specific uses, as only one can be used for data. There's an HDMI port also available, meaning other consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can utilise this, leaving the big screen TV for others, especially useful this time of year, when the TV becomes a hotly contested commodity. Finally, the Split also sports a 3.5mm headphone jack, and it's wise to use headphones or some decent portable speakers here as the built-in speakers, althoughdoing an acceptable job, they are pretty average, and something audiophiles will struggle to put up with.
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After a few days of regular use, the Vinpok Split can quickly feel indispensable, and many people will find it an ideal accompaniment to their current tech setup for a multitude of reasons. That being said, though, there is an issue with the hefty RRP of US$399. Thankfully, there's a way around that. Those interested still have the chance to snatch this up at half the retail price on the super-early backer level on IndieGogo for just US$199. Although, at time of writing, there were only 46 of these rewards left and with the campaign already absolutely smashing its goal - currently at US$2,000,000 of its original $5000 aim - it's likely to run out of this promotional offer before the campaign ends on 16th December.

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