Anime Review: Dragon Ball Z Kai The Final Chapters Part 3

By Drew Hurley 27.12.2018

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Dragon Ball Z Kai The Final Chapters Part 3 (UK Rating: PG)

It is finally time to reach the end of the road, the real conclusion to the Dragon Ball story. While it has continued on since with Time Patrollers, the Super series, and GT, the original story ended here - the conclusion of the Buu Saga arc. While all of the big villains in Dragon Ball had considerable body counts, Buu has greatly upped the game. Before his imprisonment, he wiped out entire worlds and here he kills the population of Earth. With Goku and Vegeta both rocking Halos, it's down to the next generation to save the day. Coming courtesy of Manga Entertainment, Dragon Ball Z Kai The Final Chapters Part 3 contains episodes 145-167 and has been available from 10th December.

Last time on Dragon Ball Z! The battle against Buu wasn't going particularly well. After seeing the pink puffball take apart each and every one of the Z Fighters with little effort, Vegeta got his awesome moment of redemption at least, realising he was actually happy all along, realising his family wasn't a weakness - giving his son his first hug, telling Trunks to look after his mother, and then walking straight toward certain death. Too many lives lost and the team fighting to survive. The remains came up with a simple plan. They were going to bet it all on one of two fighters - either Gohan, training with the Supreme Kai and currently getting a power-up from an ancient twisted person who was trapped in a sword… or on a pair of kids learning a special dance. It would seem absolutely bananas to anyone not familiar with the series.

The dance is the Fusion dance, something Goku learnt on his travels; something that can merge two warriors of around the same size and power level to merge into a new single being with a power greatly above the sum of its parts. With Goku and Vegeta dead, he has taught this to his son, Goten, and Vegeta's son, Trunks, in the hope that their fused state will be powerful enough to overcome Buu.

It seemed, though, that neither of these warriors would be needed as Mr. Satan, of all people, was going to save the day. Mr. Satan planned to get close to Buu and then kill him, but instead formed a friendship with the tubby monstrosity. This friendship, along with the adoption of a dog, had settled Buu somewhat; he was starting to understand he shouldn't kill or destroy… but, then, the stupidity of some thugs causes Buu to go all John Wick. Worse yet, Buu's inner evil is released and suddenly there are two Buu. The silly, rotund, candy-munching creature, and a rabid, monkey-looking "Kid Buu."

Transformations have always been a key part of Dragon Ball and Buu has got plenty up his sleeve as over the course of this collection he shows a new power that made him so dangerous in the first place. He's able to absorb others and add their power to his own. Kid Buu's first meal is Buu classic, creating an even more deadly creature.

When this collection begins, it feels like it can't have much left to tell, as so much had already happened in the Buu story, but there are a whopping 22 episodes here - even if two of those are an epilogue. Those episodes see the biggest battle in series' history, across planets and dimensions, with so many characters taking a trip to see King Enma. Honestly, even with this condensed version, it's still too long-winded, with many fights still feeling a little drawn out, but at least they are filled with some pretty epic moments.

There is, of course, both the English and Japanese dub available here, and Dragon Ball has always been one of those series to host hardcore fans on both side of the lingual divide. Thanks to people growing up on this show really, and while some went to seek out the Japanese dub, many stuck with what they knew and loved, and it's understandable considering the quality of actors. Everyone loves Christopher Sabat.

Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
Many fans have issues with the Buu saga, but at its core, it's pure Dragon Ball through and through, filled with the same signature humour, style, battles, and heart. It may be a little drawn out, even in this re-cut version, Dragon Ball Z Kai The Final Chapters Part 3, and it may not have the best villain in the series, plus may stutter here and there, but it is a monumental part of Shonen history. The conclusion to the series, which has influenced every Shonen to come since and will continue to do so for long to come, and in this DVD form, it is the best possible way to watch it. The pacing may have its occasional issues but it's far superior to the original, the visuals look great and crisp, and there's an all-new dub in both languages.

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