Tech Up! Anker's Soundsync Bluetooth Receiver Review

By Adam Riley 03.03.2019

With Apple really pushing to get rid of the standard 3.5mm headphone port on newer devices, it has left many people feeling frustrated because a lot of older speakers, headphones, and even in-car audio options rely on that headphone jack port, meaning this new focus on Bluetooth-only proves to be a headache. It basically renders a lot of devices useless… until now, that is, since Anker has the ideal solution with the Soundsync Bluetooth Receiver.

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Just as the reliable company offers a great battery charging option for those on the road for long periods, with devices needing an energy boost (such as the excellent PowerCore 15600 that Cubed3 recently tested), it now has revived various pieces of kit that can now work smoothly as Bluetooth devices.

Cubed3 has been busily trying out the Soundsync with some amazing headphones that are cable-based…a long, windy cable, at that. Thankfully, the Steelseries beastly headset allows for the audio wire to be removed, meaning that the tiny Soundsync can simply slotted in instead by using its tiny, metallic double 3.5mm ended adapter (there is also an 3.5mm AUX cable in the box, as well as a USB-A to micro-USB charge cable), and then paired to an iPhone, for instance. No more lengthy wire dangling around, with just the lightweight Soundsync in its place, becoming forgotten about once plugged in, other than for perhaps tweaking the volume using the handy buttons it has.

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Turning it on allows for a phone to connect via Bluetooth swiftly, with any audio then received and played through whatever the Soundsync has been slotted into. Old stereo system? Yes - it gets dragged into the new century! Only one headphone port in a car? Never fear, as the Soundsync can also connect to two devices at once, meaning both driver and passenger could, in essence, connect their phones. Additionally, it uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology, making it stronger and more stable than ever before, staying steady up to 30ft away.

Do remember that this is a receiver, so it only works in a way that audio input will be transferred through the Soundsync and played back through whatever it has been connected to. Anker does indeed have another item available, which transmits audio from non-Bluetooth devices to Bluetooth-enabled speakers, thus doing the opposite of this Soundsync, and hopefully Cubed3 will have chance to try that out in the near future.

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Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
The Soundsync Bluetooth Receiver is yet another resounding success from the ever reliable Anker, offering new life to audio devices that are not Bluetooth-enabled. From hands-free phone calls, to transforming headsets and stereo systems into wireless options, and even connecting two devices at once, it really works so perfectly. It also lasts for over 10 hours from one full (two-hour) charge, adding another reason to the list of why this is certainly a wonderful purchase... all at a highly reasonable price.

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