Tech Up! Bionik Quickshot PlayStation 4 Triggers (Review)

By Shane Jury 16.03.2019

Based in Los Angeles, USA, gaming accessory maker Bionik dabbles in a wide range of creations, ranging from controller chargers for all three major console pads, to console carry cases, and even specialised PlayStation VR earphone attachments. One of its latest products is the Quickshot Triggers; designed for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, and specifically their analogue L and R inputs. Cubed3 takes the PlayStation 4 Quickshots out for a spin.

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Looking at the box gives the impression that the Quickshot Triggers are simple to attach and remove, and this is fairly true. The triggers are optimised for the earliest edition of the PlayStation 4 controller, so for these models they simply snap on and off with little to no fuss, and stay on securely even during a heated game of Apex Legends, for example. For newer models of the PS4 pad, with slight variations in the trigger sizes, there are adhesive patches included for simple attachment, and these are unlikely to leave any permanent marks.

The idea of the Quickshots is to lessen the distance that the controller's analogue triggers have to travel to register an input, and it is very difficult to fault the design on this as it does the job superbly. Due to the ridges on the slope of the triggers, it is also very comfortable to hold for long periods of time - particularly for bigger hands. It does take some time to adjust muscle memory for, as they can be a bit too sensitive at first, but reaction speed is undoubtedly improved when using these triggers.

Although the reported price range of approximately £12 to £14 seems a little high, considering the small size and simple design of these attachments, the fact that each pack comes with two sets, and the fact that they easily achieve their stated goal, makes the Quickshot Triggers a sure-fire bet for shooter and driving game fans on Sony's console.

Rated 9 out of 10

Exceptional - Gold Award

Rated 9 out of 10
Deceptively plain looking, but quickly proving their worth, the PlayStation 4 Quickshot Triggers are a classic case of doing exactly what is described on the packaging; ideal attachments for dedicated shooter players, and a surprisingly snug controller grip for everyone else.

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