**UPDATE** | Tekken 5 GameCube Bound

By Adam Riley 18.11.2004 1

Namco's Tekken 5...
...GameCube Bound!

Straight from one of the most reliable sources around, Japanese publication Famitsu Magazine, it has been revealed that Namco has extremely large plans for its latest fighting title, Tekken 5. With the massive cross-platform success of Soul Calibur II, it is quite obvious that Namco thought it would be extremely narrow-minded to keep its other staple beat'em-up PlayStation 2 exclusive.

Therefore, versions of Tekken 5 will be coming to the XBOX and GameCube as of Spring 2005! A GameCube version was rumoured way back when the console was first released, yet all that appeared was Tekken Advance, a game that was greeted with total consumer apathy. Thankfully that has not deterred the company from having another stab at the Nintendo market.

Included in this exciting new entry will be an Arcade mode, as well as Original and Custom modes. Further details are currently unknown, but perhaps Namco will be thinking of exclusive characters once more.

Stay tuned for more!

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