INSiGHT: NEO Magazine: Issue 192

By Shane Jury 27.11.2019

INSiGHT: NEO Magazine: Issue 192 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

With issue 192 we are once again greeted by the appearance of flip covers. The Primary side explores the notable Sword-wielding Women of anime, including the sadistic Saeko Busujima of High School of the Dead, and the self-disciplined Fairy Tail guild member Ezra Scarlet. For the other side of the issue there is a juicy overview and creator interview for Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch; a game re-emerging on current generation platforms this month. 

NEO travels across the globe this month, giving a strong mention to the Scotland Loves Anime event, a week-and-a-half long showing in Glasgow that covers multiple movies. Next is an interview with New Yorker LeSean Thomas on his ideas and motivations behind creating the intriguing Netflix-hosted Cannon Busters show. The monthly Neo Artist Showcase features Pitopshi from Singapore and their inspirations from properties like The Legend of Zelda and Ace Attorney. Costumes and disguises aplenty adorn many worldwide NEO readers with The Power of Cosplay feature, and it all comes to a head with the Summer of Sumo, a look into the Japanese Grapplers in the hottest months. 

Notable gaming coverage this month too, with the aforementioned Ni No Kuni leading the charge. Reviews are in for the Platinum Games-developed Nintendo Switch exclusive Astral Chain, the Visual Novel mystery of Will: A Wonderful World. Heading up the barrage is a solid look at the recently released SEGA Mega Drive Mini and its host of gaming goodness, from the speedy blue spikes of Sonic the Hedgehog to the underwater realm of Ecco the  Dolphin, and beyond. NEO Issue 192 is available now from all good retailers.  

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