DS News | EA to Release Major MMORPG on the NDS?

By Adam Riley 19.11.2004 1

...More Than a Jumble of Letters!

There has been some talk floating around the Internet about how Sony's PlayStation Portable will be so powerful that it can cope with Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs), with a couple already being well under development, completely shrouded in a secrecy bubble at present.

Of course, this was immediately battered about by a certain sector of fans stating that for online play the PSP's battery life is far too meagre, whereas another faction have taken the time to gloat over how the Nintendo DS could never do anything like an MMORPG...

But now it seems like the DS could well have its own MMORPG after all, if rumblings from GameCube Heaven are anything to go by! According to the rather reliable news source, EA Canada will reveal details on this expansive project in the very near future.

Now, whilst details are not forthcoming just yet, the fact that the likes of Square Enix has considered taking the DS onto its PlayOnline network and other companies have had massive success with the DS's capabilities, this story might not be as crazy as you might first think.

The DS looks better and better everyday. Roll on 21st November!

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