Sony State of Play: December 2019

By Neil Flynn 10.12.2019 3

Sony State of Play: December 2019 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
The Sony State of Play presentation is a format similar to the Nintendo Direct presentation's where Sony unveil their latest gaming greats to the community in a short 30-minute presentation

Below is a summary of what happened in the State of Play presentation, but if you want to watch it yourself without any of the below spoilers then please visit the official video over on Sony's YouTube channel.


Today's State of Play announced a number of games, coming to the PlayStation 4 in December and early 2020 starting with the confirmation that the popular Untitled Goose Game is finally launching on December 17th , which means the House House's popular title will not just be on the PC and Nintendo Switch.
A closed beta of Proletariat's Spellbreak is launching Spring 2020. Spellbreak is a new battle royale RPG featuring magic combat and a lot of double jumping and flashy attacks. Currently available on PC through the Epic Store, PS4 owners won't have to wait all too long to get their hands on this magical game.
Media Molecule is still going strong with Dreams, which received another trailer, this time demonstrating a wide variety of gameplay types and elements leaning on games from the past but also showcasing new and interesting ideas. Dreams is set to launch on 14th February 2020.
A first person action VR experience - Superliminal -  a VR puzzler where players need to solve puzzles to escape from a dream therapy session that has gone wrong.
Another VR experience is being crafted from the creator of Another World. Paper Beast is an exotic and mysterious new world coming to VR. Explore a living and dynamic new VR experience, while manipulating the fascinating wildlife by playing the with terrain. Unravel the mysteries of the Paper Beast in Q1 2020 for PS VR.
Exciting news for Kingdom Hearts fans as a new DLC package, Re mind, will launch on 23rd January 2020 with new playable characters and exciting new battles.  Likewise, Predator - Hunting Grounds is also coming in soon, 24th April 2020 to be precise. Be sure to get ready to choose your class, choose your weapon and go out and hunt!

The reveals didn't slow down from there either as Babylon's Fall - a collaboration between Square Enix and Platinum Games was announced. In the guise of Platinum's forte, the hack and slash genre, offering intense combat focussed gameplay. Babylon's Fall launches in the Summer 2020.

Confirming the rumours, Sony was able to get a world premiere of the new Resident Evil 3 title, which has been confirmed for 3rd April 2020. The old PlayStation classic has been given the slick coat of paint that Resident Evil 2 received and will also include a new online only game mode, Resistance, which is an intense 4 vs 1 survival game.

The final teaser trailer showed off a feudal Japanese style samurai game, Ghost of Tsushima, which is developed by the team Sucker Punch who are well renowned for the inFAMOUS series. - Only a small snippet was shown with the rest of the trailer to be aired at the Game Awards to showcase the full trailer.

What are you most excited for? Or what were you hoping to see in the latest State of Play? Make sure you leave a comment in the section below.


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I can't believe this Capcom Renaissance we're seeing. Resident Evil 3 & Resistance as one complete game makes perfect sense and I really have to commend them on the reveal. Just a nice surprise overall and a surprisingly close release date! 

I have to admit this was probably the best State of Play I have seen them do yet. 

It was a nice touch to get Resi 3 in there and for it to be coming so soon is actually quite a shock. I am hoping they remake the original and Zero in the same format as well!


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