INSiGHT: Christmas Gaming Shopping Guide Part 2

By Neil Flynn 19.12.2019

INSiGHT: Christmas Gaming Shopping Guide Part 2 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Only a few days left to go until the big day, so if you are without presents for your loved ones then you might be scrambling around to get the biggest and best gifts. If you missed part one then go back and have a look if anything tickles your fancy, if not then take a look below at some of the hottest gifts to grab before Christmas Day!


Spinning bird kick and hadouken to your hearts content with the new TUBBZ range from Numskull designs. The cosplaying duck figurines make a cute collectable to add to your collection and now GAME are selling the iconic Street Fighter range. Chun-Li, Ken, Ryu and Blanka are available in an cool tub display stand.

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Purchase at GAME
Purchase at Numskull


Pokemon Sword and Shield

It is an age-old formula that has been tried and tested for decades now. The collectathon has made its mainstream debut on the Nintendo Switch and with quite some aplomb, quickly making it one of the fastest selling games on the system and proving itself to be one of the biggest hits this Christmas. 

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Creative Pebble 2

Looking for a bargain set of  external desktop speakers then be sure to check out Creative Labs' Pebble V2 speakers. They work great with all PCs and Laptops and even feature USB-C compatibility as well.

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Purchase the Creative Pebble 2 on Amazon


PuroGamer Gaming Headset

Crystal-clear sounds amplifying your experience and giving you that competitive edge. Get immersed in the game with clear noise thanks to PuroGamer, the next-level headset for gamers by Puro Sound Labs. Whether you're gaming with friends or crushing opponents, let them hear what you have to say, clearly. The adjustable gaming microphone isolates your voice by blocking ambient noise while picking up your speech from any direction.

Purchase the PuroGamer Gaming Headset on Amazon


Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

There few franchises out there as beloved as Star Wars. That is why Jedi Fallen Order has brought the video game franchise to long-awaited return to form they deserve. The creators clearly care about the source material, and have produced a story and a setting that will hopefully continue being explored. As the new Star Wars movie is out this holiday season the franchise is very much en-vogue once again and will prove to be a popular Christmas present.

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Know of any hot Christmas items this holiday season? Make sure you leave a comment below to help your fellow peeps find that right gift for their loved one this Christmas.

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