DS News | Nintendo System Wanted More than Dragon Quest VIII

By Adam Riley 20.11.2004 1

Nintendo DS No.1 in Japan...
...More Popular than Dragon Quest VIII!

In yet another survey over in Japan, the Nintendo DS portable system is proving to everyone once more that it is seriously a strong contender for Christmas No.1 overall. The questionnaire was aimed at Japanese publication Famitsu's readers, with the question of 'What do you most want to buy this Christmas?' being posed. The top ten responses were as follows:

1.) Nintendo DS [ 295 Responses ]
2.) Dragon Quest VIII (PS2, Square Enix) [ 292 ]
3.) PlayStation Portable [ 201 ]
4.) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2, Konami) [ 88 ]
5.) PS2 Software in general [ 56 ]
6.) Slimline PS2 [ 53 ]
7.) Tales of Rebirth (PS2, Namco) [ 39 ]
8.) Gran Turismo 4 (PS2, Sony) [ 33 ]
9.) Dragon Quest 8 Slime PS2 Controller [ 31 ]
10.) Halo 2 (XBOX, Bungie) [ 28 ]

Now, whilst there are no pieces of Nintendo software listed in the Top Ten, it is an amazing feat that the Nintendo DS portable system is even topping the mammothly popular Dragon Quest sequel to the largest selling PSone game in Japan, DQ VII and leaving the PSP in a trail of dust. But can this interesting transfer into hard sales, especially with Sony kicking off its advertising scheme by running adverts on the walls of subways everywhere? Only time will tell...

Keep it locked to C3 for the time being!

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