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By Adam Riley 20.11.2004 1

UEFA Champions League 2004-2005...
...EA Keeps Footie Fans Happy!

In what can only be seen as an attempt at global domination, Electronic Arts has just announced that in addition to bringing its forthcoming urban soccer title FIFA Street to all major platforms, there is another European football game on the way across the board.

As of February, 2005, EA Sports will be the official sponsor behind the UEFA Champions League and therefore has the rights to produce games around the popular football event. Rather than like the last time EA did something like this, Nintendo will actually be included in the off-shoot, with a GameCube version arriving at the same time, except without online functionality like the PC, XBOX and PS2 versions.

Whilst apparently due to look rather reminiscent of the recent FIFA 2005 (but hopefully with updated player models that do not look hideously scary...), the gameplay style is markedly different in order to allow gamers to differentiate between the various series. In this game you have the choice of 239 teams and then make your ways through a fifty 'mission' championship.

So far no GBA version has been announced, but after strong sales of FIFA 2005 on the handheld the possibility is definitely there.

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