Nintendo DS | Wireless Plans from Companies Revealed

By Adam Riley 20.11.2004 1

New DS Information...
...Japanese Wireless Details Confirmed!

One of the most eagerly awaited aspects of the Nintendo DS portable system is that of the wireless networking that allows players to battle against each other or access certain extras. The only problem so far is that nobody really knows to what extent each of the soon-to-be-released games will use the option...until now, that is. Thanks to Famitsu Weekly of Japan, we can now bring you some more solid wireless details (for reference, 'download play' is the term for cartridges sharing information from just the one source):

  • Cool 104 Joker & Setline [ Aruze, 2nd December ] - Only Setline is compatible with wireless LAN and features a two player game where users take it in turn to place tiles in a "tag play".
  • Mahjong Taikai [ Koei, 2nd December ] - Allows 4 player games over ad-hoc mode. Supports "DS Download Play" for up to four players.
  • Zoo Keeper [ Success, 2nd December ] - Versus mode can be played between two players over ad-hoc mode. The versus mode unlocks items not available through single player mode.
  • Mr.Driller Drill Spirits [ Namco, 2nd December ] - Up to five people can play against each other via ad-hoc mode. "DS download play" is supported.
  • Super Mario 64 DS [ Nintendo, 2nd December ] - Up to four people can play in a versus battle to collect stars. "DS download play" is supported.
  • Daigassou! Band Brothers [ Nintendo, 2nd December ]
    Multiple people can play instruments together in "Band Play" mode, or players can battle for the best score in "Grading mode".
  • Chokkan Hitofude [ Nintendo, 2nd December ] - Two player versus mode is possible, and you can also give a trial version of the game to people as a "present".
  • Pictochat [ Nintendo, 21st November ] - Where people can draw in sequence via the LAN or up to 16 people can chat together.
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