News: Nintendo Switch Stock Being Discontinued?

By Neil Flynn 09.01.2020

News: Nintendo Switch Stock Being Discontinued? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The Nintendo Switch is one of Nintendo's runaway successes, and for those old enough to remember the original fad of the Nintendo Wii will remember constant stock shortages for the system , but what could this mean for the Nintendo Switch?

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The Nintendo Switch has proved to be a major success for Nintendo, now close to selling 50 million units worldwide eclipsing the Super Nintendo. 

However Cubed3 has eagerly noted that reputable video game retailers in the UK have either began to phase out stock of the original Nintendo Switch and its newer revision 'red-box' model which slightly improved screen brightness and a larger battery life. 

At the time of writing GAME are selling the consoles for £399.99 and £499.99 respectively, well above the RRP of £279.99. Argos have moved the original Neon model down to clearance at £234.99, while Currys are also out of stock, but have not decreased or increased their prices.

Online retailers are also selling similar prices to GAME at £399-£499. 

Could all of this point to a 'Pro' model or another revised original model to hit store shelves imminently? Or is this just a post-Christmas shortage and will normality resume soon enough?


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