News: Nintendo Weekly Wrap Up

By Neil Flynn 23.01.2020

Welcome to the first weekly Nintendo news round-up brought to the Cubed3 community by our excellent friends over at NintendoNews, Source Gaming, GameXplain, TeeChu and by Cubed3 contributor and YouTuber, TWIP.
On a weekly basis Cubed3 will be posting the biggest highlights of the last 7 days of content from these channels, aiming to bring the hottest topics to you just in case you missed them. Remember to subscribe to the YouTube channels to see their most recent content when they first release it.

Panic Button Needs Time To Refine DOOM Eternal On Switch, id Software Says It Won't Be A "Huge" Delay - Nintendo Life

DOOM Eternal is one of the hottest releases in the Q1 window, but Nintendo Switch owners have been somewhat left in the dark in recent months with very little said. Nintendo Life has a story which should help alleviate those fears - click here to find out more.
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Paper Mario to make a 2020 comeback? - TWIP

Cubed3 predicted that Nintendo might be on the verge of reviving the 3DS remakes of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions or Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey but could another Mario RPG series take the limelight instead? YouTuber and Cubed3 contributor - TWIP has some other ideas; 


Expect Game Announcements "Throughout The Year", Says Nintendo - Nintendo Life

Cubed3 predicted that there would be a January Nintendo Direct, alas time is definitely running short for that to come fully true. Pokémon and Smash Bros updates aside there have not been too many big announcements from Nintendo, who have now commented on the situation themselves.
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Nintendo reminds the public what is coming in the first part of the year -GameXplain

GameXplain's Derrick Bitner discusses details on Nintendo's infographic for their upcoming titles in the first half of the year.


Pokémon Sword And Shield Dethrones Diamond & Pearl In New Famitsu Sales Chart Record - Nintendo Life

Prior to it's release, Pokémon Sword and Shield were receiving quite negative reactions from the online fan base, however the latest Famitsu charts are saying something else - read the full story by clicking here
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The NPD group reports that the Nintendo Switch Was The Best-Selling Hardware In The US Last Year - Nintendo Life

The Nintendo Switch has been flying off the shelves worldwide, but how have Nintendo fared in the United States? Nintendo Life reports on a healthy year for the Nintendo Switch - read the full story by clicking here.
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Is Super Smash Bros going to be DOOMed? - Source Gaming

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct has definitely spun the internet into theory mode. Source Gaming have decided to put some analysis on what DOOM content could end up being in Smash.


Smash Bros Ultimate could do with more Zelda representation, but who could join the ilustrious roster? - TeeChu

Speculation is rife with who the next DLC characters could be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate's 2nd fighters pass. Could a new Zelda character make the cut? TeeChu discusses some cool options for new characters.


The Year of Sonic....announcements - GameXplain

​Not strictly related to Nintendo, but SEGA have hinted a number of Sonic announcements that will take place this year. GameXplain's Jon Cartwright is here to highlight what could be on the cards!


An exciting week in the world of Nintendo. What are you most looking forward to? Felt like we missed something? Be sure to comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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