New Games | Zoonami Reveals Four Titles

By Adam Riley 22.11.2004 1

Zoonami Unveils More...
...Yet the Plot Thickens!

British development house Zoonami, headed up by ex-Rare member Martin Hollis, setup their website earlier this year, but never revealed anything about their plans other than stating to people that the project they are working on with Nintendo was no longer being called 'Game Zero'. All that could be seen on the site was a spy-style background, that people believed was either reminiscent of the GoldenEye days or was pointing towards a new detective type of project.

But now Zoonami has decided to finally open up a little. The UK outfit has expanded on its original website and revealed that other than the multi-format Funkydilla, it is working on three other games, one of which is assumed to be the Nintendo project. For your reference, check out their website: here.

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