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By Adam Riley 22.11.2004 1

 Kazooie… Nice friendly bird… …Or menace to society? Kazooie
Bird's eye view…
Profile by Adam Riley [ jesusraz ~ Head Writer :: Cubed³ News Reporter ]


Poor Banjo, poor, poor Banjo.  Not only does he have the weight of the world on his shoulders, but the weight of an annoying bird by the name of Kazooie.  All she does is sit around in his blue back-pack, every now-and-then popping out to peck at things or throw around the odd verbal retort.  However, Rare ensured that she serves her purpose in the adventures she co-stars in, by giving her something 'interesting' tasks.  Just do not annoy her after she has had to fire eggs from her behind…

Age: Older than Banjo; however that is all that is known.
Species: Bird - of the squawky, violent variety.  Rod Hull once approached her, it certainly was not pretty…
Location: In Banjo's back-pack, yet still managing to cause havoc.
Birth: Kazooie had a narrow escape actually, before her egg even had time to hatch somebody nearly had her on toast with some crispy bacon.  Luckily (or not, from Banjo's viewpoint) her mother was quick to the rescue…
Main Features: Feathery, bright red, long legs and a very big beak that never seems to stop flapping!
Clothing: Being a bird, thankfully Kazooie keeps her 'assets' under the cover of her feathers.  Other than that she has been known to slip on a pair of running shoes or Wellington boots, depending on her surroundings.

To become a worthwhile hero, you must have a sidekick that can act as your 'Fall Guy' (or Gal, in this case).  Kazooie, as much as she might hate it, is just that - a Robin to the stereotypical Batman.  She tries to get her into the limelight by mouthing off on a regular basis, but this just puts her in the position of 'annoying sidekick' instead.

  • Banjo-Kazooie (N64)
  • Banjo-Tooie (N64)
  • Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge (GBA)
  • Banjo Kazooie: Pilot (GBA)
  • Other than Diddy Kong Racing, Kazooie has been paired with the ever-loveable Banjo in each of his adventures.  Each time, though, she has always played a back seat role, despite carrying the bumbling bear and throwing 'witty' retorts around all over the place.  Her time will come, though, it is inevitable!
    Best Appearance

    Banjo-Tooie is where Kazooie really shined.  Whereas overall Banjo-Kazooie is seen to be the superior game, the brash bird was given a larger role and managed to even get solo tasks as people battled on.  Whether she will ever get her own game is debatable, but you never know…
    Do Not Mention...

    Kazooie really does pride herself on how fast she can run, even with that lump of a bear on her delicate back.  However, no matter how hard she tries she just cannot seem to out-run that lucky devil, Road Runner.  Meep, bloody meep indeed…
    In closing...

    Kazooie one of those friends that really gets on your nerves, yet for some reason you cannot help but still like them nonetheless.  Whilst not quite having the same universal appeal as fellow Rare stable-mate Banjo, this witty bird has a bright future…at least as long as she can keep her beak closed anyway!

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