Nintendo Weekly Wrap Up -19 Feb 20

By Neil Flynn 18.02.2020

Nintendo Weekly Wrap Up -19 Feb 20 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
It has been a bit of a slow news week in the land of Nintendo. Luckily our friends over at Nintendo LifeGameXplain and Source Gaming have dug up some interesting pieces of news on the latest happenings with Animal Crossing, E3 and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.

Playthrough - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon​ ​Rescue Team DX! PREVIEW (8 Party Members, New Options, & More!) - GameXplain

Newcomers to the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX​ series will want to pay attention to GameXplain's latest video.Jon and the team at GameXplain recently got the opportunity to play 45 minutes of one of the later dungeons in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX!  Check out the video below to see their thoughts on the new gameplay options! 


Production Of The Animal Crossing Switch Bundle Has Been Affected By The Coronavirus - Nintendo Life

Every news channel in the world is reporting on the latest Coronavirus outbreak and that is because it has been effecting a number of industries from travel and hospitality to major electronics manufacturers. Nintendo are not immune to the impact of this either, as a number of their products have been subject to stock shortages and delays. Nintendo Life has an update to their story with regards to the Animal Crossing special edition console.
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A Gorgeous Coral Switch Lite Is Releasing On Animal Crossing: New Horizons Day - Nintendo Life

It is inevitable that the Nintendo Switch Lite was going to diversify the number of colours on offer, although not many would have expected a new colour so soon. Nintendo Life have got the report on a new coral-coloured Nintendo Switch Lite heading to Japan and North America in March.
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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Everything We STILL DON'T KNOW - which is a lot - Nintendo Life

Ludicrously very little is known about Animal Crossing: New Horizons despite its impending release. Alex from Nintendo Life discusses what we still don't know!


E3 2020's First Press Conference Has Already Been Confirmed - Nintendo Life

Fear not, E3 is just only over 110 days away, and the first press conference for the event has been announced. A very exciting prospect for collectors! Nintendo Life have the story over on their website.
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First Look at the Nintendo Switch Lounge at Seattle Sea-Tac Airport - GameXplain

Lavish promotional displays at airports are nothing new, but it is an excellent opportunity for Nintendo. After all the original Nintendo Switch unveiling did feature a number of scenes at an airport and on a plane. The Nintendo Switch is the perfect travel companion and Nintendo of America want you to know that.



Source Gaming's Mega Smash Poll 2020 - Source Gaming

Yahooo! Source Gaming's Mega Smash Poll 2020 has just gone live. Source Gaming are experts on the subject matter of the Super Smash Bros series. Now that Fighters Pass 1 has concluded and Fighters Pass 2 is ready to be announced it is the optimum time to hold a survey. If you'd like to take part then head over Source Gaming to get involved.
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Switch Online Subscribers Will Soon Be Able To Play Dead Cells For Free In Japan​ - Nintendo Life

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in Japan will have a short window of opportunity to play Dead Cells for free. Nintendo Life have the story that explains more and how players in other regions can also get involved with this great offer.
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After Being Review-Bombed, AI: The Somnium Files Is Now The Highest User-Rated Switch Game On Metacritic - Nintendo Life

Never underestimate the power of a fan-base. Nintendo Life have the story of how AI: The Somnium Files​ went from being review-bombed to being the highest user-rated game on the Nintendo Switch.
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