Tech Up! Merchoid Gameboy Watch

By Drew Hurley 11.03.2020

While smartwatches are becoming more and more widespread, there's something comforting about a classic watch. What's more classic for gamers than the Gameboy Colour?

Image for Tech Up! Merchoid Gameboy Watch

This fully licensed Nintendo item perfectly captures the style of the original design, and its buttons aren't just cosmetic, but used to actually control the watch - setting the date, time, and alarm. There's a strangely annoying flaw with that though. When setting the time, the D-pad increments the currently selected number, regardless of where it's pressed. It has very limited functionality.

Here's a way for retro gamers to carry around a handheld classic without worrying about double-A batteries. Emblazoned in the classic turquoise colour of the original, and backlit too, this new digital watch also comes with an alarm that plays the iconic Super Mario World theme as its tune.

Available now for just £24.99 at Merchoid

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