Tech Up! Merchoid NES Lamp

By Drew Hurley 11.03.2020

8-bit gaming has already brightened up the lives of countless gamers out there. Now it's getting a chance to do so quite literally with this new lamp. Featuring a classic Super Mario Bros. scene playing out across the lamp shade, the design of the lamp utilises a NEW controller for the base with its controller wire acting as the lamp base and tube.

Image for Tech Up! Merchoid NES Lamp

The lamp comes with a USB cord for power, allowing it to be used with an adapter for main powering, or to use it as an accessory next to any PC or gaming setup. The controller at the base of the lamp is the controls for the lamp. With A and B to turn the light on and off, while the D-pad can control the brightness of the lamp.

Image for Tech Up! Merchoid NES Lamp

Available for £32.99 with limited stock available, those interested need to take the nearest warp pipe over before it is game over. This is a must-have for a Man Cave, retro gaming setup, or even just for the living room.

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