Tech Up! Trust GTX 310 Radius Gaming Headset

By Chris Leebody 26.03.2020

Tech Up! Trust GTX 310 Radius Gaming Headset on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
The Trust GTX 310 Radius Gaming Headset would naturally describe itself as an entry point into this market for casual players. Connecting to PC, PS4 and Xbox One,and other devices, this headset with adjustable microphone,promises sharp surround sound and clear voice chat.Priced at £19.99, the headset is available from Game, Argos and Currys PC World.

Inside the box is the headset itself, along with an extension cable and adapter for connecting to PC. The headset operates with a standard jack and there is no option for USB connection. Firstly, while the front of the box highlights PC, PS4 and Xbox One as the ideal platforms, in truth the headset is compatible with any device using a jack input. This is part of the difficulty with this headset. It's ideal target market is seemingly not put front and centre.

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If this headset is judged as a budget - friendly PC , or more powerful , home console headset, then sadly it misses the mark. While the bass is strong on the GTX 310 , it is also overpowering. This is less noticeable in the thick of gaming action, yet if one tests the headset by listening to music, the limitations of the sound quality come to the fore. A lot of detail is lost behind the punchy bass with trebles at the top being strained.

Again, this can possibly be excused with the modest price and targeted demographic. The attached microphone is perfectly functional , and the sound quality of voice is clear and crisp. The only complaint is that the microphone attachment is quite small and also rigid. Depending on the size of your head, it can be sitting quite far away from the mouth, and this both looks and feels slightly awkward. It does get props for being solid, though, and avoids the risk with many mics on headsets, which end up being flimsy and annoying.

This is where the main problems come for the GTX 310 . Generally, it is quite a cool design from an aesthetic point of view, and the dark gray frame is solid and feels robust. However, the difficulty comes from wearing it. Firstly, the ear cups seem quite restrictive and small, and it automatically leads to it feeling like it just doesn't quite fit correctly. On top of that, the padded area over the band tends to still feel very hard. There are adjustable latches on each side, but these are quite niggly, and it is easy to tell that the headset is along the budget end of things.

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Generally, it isn't necessarily a headset that is ideal for long stretches of gaming when compared to other similar products. However, the disappointing aspect is that it could have been a very good secondary headset for phones, tablets and a console like the Nintendo Switch. Those who purchase it for the latter may get a lot more mileage out of this package with a headset that is light, fuss free , and has adequate sound quality.

Rated 5 out of 10


Marketed more as a portable Nintendo Switch , and mobile phone focused headset, the GTX 310 would have been an enticing proposition. This seems like a missed opportunity. A modest budget, solid aesthetic, and decent , if not spectacular sound quality would have been a good package to take on these naturally more casual focused devices. As it is, sadly, and for use as a home gaming device, albeit one for more casual gamers, there are numerous more budget - friendly options and competitors on the market. That said, those looking for a cheaper headset, especially for younger gamers,can find a lot to like here, as there is the basis of a solid headset to enjoy.

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