Tech Up! Avonn GTX 830-RW Gaming Keyboard

By Chris Leebody 01.04.2020

Tech Up! Avonn GTX 830-RW Gaming Keyboard on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
When it comes to gaming keyboards, there are only a few main categories to excel in. Firstly, comes the practical use during gaming, and secondly is the stylish form factor. The Trust GTX 830-RW Avonn is a full-size layout gaming keyboard, with 12 multimedia keys and is designed for fast key entry. With anti-ghosting technology, ensuring fast and accurate gaming, and enabling the user to press up to six keys simultaneously, which is a godsend when in the heat of an epic first-person shooter, or a MMO dungeon and the use of multiple keys and quick spells and attacks are key.

As is usual for such keyboards these days, there are 12 multimedia keys included in the 'F' buttons, with control of music and video, alongside quick links to helpful commands such as Windows. Interestingly, and rather helpfully, is a key which allows the Windows button to be locked during gaming - a small feature, but one that is immensely helpful for avoiding those frustrating moments. 

Setup couldn't be simpler. A USB connector simply plugs into the PC or laptop, and the keyboard then lights up with its distinctive rainbow wave illuminated LED lighting on the keys. There were no drivers to install or any fuss involved. When sitting on a desk and particularly from afar, the keyboard definitely looks stylish and belies its £24.99 selling point, which is aimed towards the budget end of the market.  

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Now granted, this is not going to fulfil the needs or wants of a high end premium mechanical setup. However, the form factor here does a good job in imitating some of those competitors. The sleek black and sharp lines and edges of the keyboard are bold and expressive and ideal for a gaming setup. More importantly, the keyboard is also chunky enough to not appear flimsy, while not overbearingly heavy or grand. 

Built and marketed for gaming, obviously most of the time will be spent using it for more mundane means, such as web browsing and other admin tasks. Pleasingly, it functions perfectly well for these too. The keys are satisfying to type, and they are quiet, which is sometimes such a relief to avoid hearing that annoying 'clacking' that comes with other brands. It is also easy to get the hands across the keyboard and keys and the clear and colourful lighting means that, even in the dark, typing is a breeze. 

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If there was one criticism that would be that it tends to be quite easy to accidentally hit the Caps Lock key while in the midst of typing something. Albeit, this is entirely dependent on typing speed, style, and hand size. Also, the plastic base of the keyboard and the feet can sometimes feel a tad cheap looking. 

Rated 7 out of 10

Very Good - Bronze Award

Rated 7 out of 10
Obviously the GTX 830-RW is marketed to a specific buyer, and therefore those after a significantly more… premium product will likely pass it by. However, for those in the market for a useful everyday gaming keyboard, this is one to consider. The design is distinct enough without being over the top, while the keyboard is easy to use straight out of the box, and the keys are satisfying and easy to press. While on closer inspection the plastic casing can seem a little flimsy, overall, it is a stylish, and comfortable product to use. The price range of £24.99 makes it a solid proposition, as well as recommendation.

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