News: Nintendo Weekly Wrap Up - 1 Apr 2020

By Neil Flynn 01.04.2020

News: Nintendo Weekly Wrap Up - 1 Apr 2020 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
To help brighten up your day GameXplain and Nintendo Life have continured to work on stellar news content on their platforms to keep everyone informed of Nintendo content. Be sure to follow, subscribe and view their content. To help save time Cubed3 have picked some of the hottest stories of the week to share with you.

RUMOUR: Nintendo To Remaster 'Most Of Super Mario's 35-Year Catalogue' For Switch in 2020, New Report Says - Nintendo Life

Take this with a pinch of salt, but various (reliable) sources are stating that Nintendo are going to go big for Mario's 35th anniversary by remastering a number of classic titles in 2020. These include greats such as Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Nintendo Life has further details on this huge story.
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Bandai Namco Announces The Namcot Collection For Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Life

Retro collectors should get excited as a number of old Namco games are being re-released on the Nintendo Switch in both physical and digital forms. Find out more by visiting Nintendo Life.


​The Legend Of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Announced For Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Life

NIS America has revealed that The Legend Of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, unsurprisingly the fourth game in the Trails of Cold Steel series, is coming to Nintendo Switch. Check out Nintendo Life for the full story.
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Japanese Charts: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Looks Unstoppable With Mighty Second Week On Sale​ - Nintendo Life

Could Animal Crossing: New Horizons actually surpass every other Nintendo title on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Life takes a closer look at the Japanese sales charts and Animal Crossing's performance.
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Panzer Dragoon Graphics Comparison (Nintendo Switch vs. Sega Saturn) - GameXplain

The ever popular Sega Saturn title, Panzer Dragoon, recently launched on the Nintendo Switch. Our friends at GameXplain have done a side-by-side comparison to help you notice the improvements.


All 5 Nintendo Songs in Ring Fit Adventure's DLC (Jump Up Super Star, Splatoon 2, BotW, & Wii Fit!) - GameXplain

GameXplain play through all 5 Nintendo tracks in Ring Fit Adventure including Mario Odyssey's Jump Up Super Star, and awesome melodies from Splatoonn 2, Breath of the Wild, & Wii Fit!) in this gameplay vid!​


​Nintendo Announces 'Up To 80% Off' Switch Sale, More Than 300 Games To Be Discounted (Europe) - Nintendo Life

Nintendo Europe have announced a big sale coming to the Nintendo eShop for April 2nd 2020. Expect up to 80% off on certain titles although no games have been confirmed as of yet for the sale. Expect to hear more about it when the sale hits the eshop very shortly. 
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​The Definitive Edition Of Xenoblade Chronicles Won't Include Any Extras From The 3DS Port - Nintendo Life

Content present in the Nintendo 3DS port of Xenoblade Chronicles is not making its way to the Nintendo Switch remaster. Why? Nintendo Life has the story.


Happy 10th Anniversary and 1 BILLION views to our friends at GameXplain

Our friends at GameXplain have been around for over 10 years now! Coincidently also making it to 1 billion views on YouTube at the same time! Be sure to go and wish them a belated happy birthday!



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