News: Microsoft Flight Simulator Closed Beta on the Way

By Chris Leebody 20.05.2020

News: Microsoft Flight Simulator Closed Beta on the Way on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A closed beta for 2020's Microsoft Flight Simulator is scheduled to land in July, according to a developer road map on the official game website.

The image displays a series of development goals and rough outlines of when they are to be achieved.

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As yet there is no specific date mentioned in July when fans will get the chance to try out the demanding PC flight simulator. Nor are any requirements published for what it will take to access this beta. However, it is likely the best chance to access it will come through signing up to the game's 'Insider Program'.


There is currently no release date for the final version, while it is expected that it will be available to play on both Windows PC and also the Xbox Series X.

Box art for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Xbox Game Studios





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