News: Nintendo Weekly Wrap Up - 27 May 20

By Neil Flynn 27.05.2020

News: Nintendo Weekly Wrap Up - 27 May 20 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
The last weekly Nintendo round-up in May brings a very quiet week. However the amazing team at GameXplain and Nintendo Life have still unearthed some pieces of news. Both GameXplain and Nintendo Life provide daily updates on Nintendo news every day, check out their content they post. In the meantime, be sure to stick with Cubed3 for our weekly round-up which squeezes all that juicy Nintendo news into one article!

Clubhouse Games Q&A: 51+ of YOUR Questions Answered!​ - GameXplain

The GameXplain team answer over 50 questions about Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics on Switch, including how multiplayer works (both online and local), if there's voice chat, how it compares to Wii Sports & Wii Play.


Hideki Kamiya Is Sick Of Fans Asking Him If Bayonetta 3 Has Been Cancelled​ - Nintendo Life

It's become almost a monthly ritual now for PlatinumGames to reassure its fanbase that the upcoming Switch exclusive Bayonetta 3 is still on the way, and earlier this week (to mark the month of May), Nintendo Life got another update.
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Switch Joy-Con Drift Claim Must Be Arbitrated, Says Illinois Federal Court​ - Nintendo Life

If you're one of the many people who has suffered from Joy-Con drift in the past then you might be interested to know that a legal claim by a Switch owner that Nintendo of America has sold "defective" controllers with its consoles must go to arbitration. Read on at Nintendo Life.
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Have You Spotted The Switch eShop's New Sales Filter?​ - Nintendo Life

Nintendo updated the Switch to version 10.0.3 - making it more stable than ever before, but that's not the only improvement it appears to have made in recent times. Nintendo Life gives us more information.
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Perfect Dark Was Ahead of lts Time - 20th Anniversary Discussion (Retrospective)​- GameXplain

Perfect Dark, the spiritual successor to Goldeneye, is now TWENTY years old! GameXplain and Direct Feed Games discuss how the Nintendo 64 classic was ahead of its time, and whether it holds up today!


2K Says It's Eager To Release More Games On The Nintendo Switch​ - Nintendo Life

After a string of listings appeared online, 2K finally made it official in March - announcing three collections for the Nintendo Switch. These include the XCOM 2 Collection, the Borderlands Legendary Collection, and last but not least BioShock: The Collection. But was this just a one time thing?


Feature: Potential Switch Port Round-Up - The Wii U Games That Haven't Come To Switch​ - Nintendo Life

It's easy to believe that Switch has already picked Wii U's carcass clean, but that isn't the case. If you're like the Nintendo Life team and eager for more people to get their hands on treasures from the Wii U years - or you missed out on them yourself and want to sample them on Switch - there are several juicy morsels waiting to be devoured and the Nintendo Life team have rounded them up for you.
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