News: Last Month On YouTube - June 20

By Neil Flynn 01.07.2020

News: Last Month On YouTube - June 20 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
Welcome to the June edition of Last Month on YouTube! We take a look back at a curated list of content to help you discover content that you might have missed. Be sure to follow all of our fave YouTubers and remember to ring that bell to get notifications.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for any other YouTubers to be added please comment below!

Liam Robertson - How Capcom's Dead Rising Studio Fell Apart - Game History Secrets


Zion Grassl (Nintendo Life) - How To Play NES Zelda in the 21st Century


GameXplain - Min Min in Smash Bros. Ultimate Hype! - LIVESTREAM


Top Hat Gaming Man - Top 100 SNES Games You Couldn't Play! - Great Japanese Super Famicom Exclusives


SLOPES Game Room - Another 7 games full of STOLEN trademarks


TeeChu - How to Fix Joy-Con Drift - No Tools in 5 Minutes!


Alex Olney (Nintendo Life) - The Best Free Games on Nintendo Switch


GameXplain - How Ambitious is the Demon's Souls Remake? (PS3 vs. PS5 Graphics Comparison)


Mega Smash Poll: The Top 50 characters YOU want for Fighter Pass 2! - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Source Gaming


Elz The Witch - PLAYING NBA 2K20 with TODD CANTWELL!


Top Hat Gaming Man - The Story of KIRBY'S PINBALL LAND - The Secret of Why it is so Hard!?


TWIP - Pokémon Ultra Salt REVEALED!! The Hype is UNREAL!!! (Pokémon UNITE Reaction)


Alex Olney (Nintendo Life) - Nintendo Released a Weird New 'Game' for Free on Switch - Jump Rope Challenge


Zion Grassl - (Nintendo Life) - How to Catch the Great White Shark & More in Animal Crossing: New Horizons




Jon Cartwright - What's That Track? RPG Edition - Ash Paulsen vs. Lady Pelvic!



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