Tech Up! Ugreen Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter

By Adam Riley 11.07.2020

Look what just arrived! The Ugreen Nintendo Switch wireless transmitter that works so wonderfully well with the top Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones from Anker! It's like they were made for each other... It is time to take a closer look at what many Switch owners have been waiting for!

Image for Tech Up! Ugreen Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter

UGREEN has many great products to its name, including the recently Indiegogo-funded All in One 65W 4Port 3C1A GaN PD Charger, but something that really catches the eye - or ear, in this case - is the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth v5.0 Adapter. It is an aptX Low Latency 3.5mm Audio Wireless Bluetooth Adaptor and provides the easiest way to add Bluetooth to either the regular Nintendo Switch hybrid console, or the portable Nintendo Switch Lite.

Image for Tech Up! Ugreen Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter
Image for Tech Up! Ugreen Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter

This tiny-yet-powerful device is completely plug-and-play, with absolutely no need for any extra drivers or software to be installed prior to use, or anything like that. Nothing is required, other than to get it charged via its USB-C slot, and slot it into the headphone port, turn on and connect to your favourite wireless headphones, or even external Bluetooth speaker. With a built-in 120mAh battery, it makes life much easier and can be fully charged in just two hours. The fact that it can stream to two Bluetooth audio devices simultaneously means that two people can enjoy the great music together.

Image for Tech Up! Ugreen Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter
Image for Tech Up! Ugreen Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter

Ugreen has put so much care and attention into this, and it really does show, even down to the colour-matching red-and-blue of certain Joy-Con models. matched colour with the console, like it's part of it - great Switch accessory for on the go wireless gaming. It's a must-have Switch Bluetooth adapter if you're desperate to get rid of those wired headphones.

Image for Tech Up! Ugreen Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter

The only potential drawbacks are that this cannot be used in docked mode, whereas other bigger and more cumbersome alternatives actually can because of the way they sit atop the Switch, rather than snugly against it, like Ugreen's device. Also, it is a shame that it doesn't support microphones on headsets that have one. With games like Borderlands and Fortnite having built-in voice chat using the jack on the system as the voice source, the big downside in those games is it's not very practical if the Switch is docked by the TV, several metres away from you.

Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
The UGREEN Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch, 3.5mm Jack Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter aptX Low Latency (*pause for breath*) is a fantastic alternative to other, more cumbersome options for making your Switch come to life with Bluetooth devices. With a wide range of compatibility, great build and appearance, this is a fantastic option for any Switch owner. The only downside is not having the option to use in-built voice chat on games supporting that feature. You can pick up the Ugreen Bluetooth Adapter for £27.99 on Amazon UK now, and for more photos, be sure to check out the full gallery over on Cubed3's official Instagram page.

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