Tech Up! Logitech G413 Silver Gaming Keyboard

By Sandy Kirchner-Wilson 30.07.2020

Logitech's G line of products is focussed on gamers, professional and amateur. The brand has a plethora of headsets, keyboard, and mouse devices among other peripherals spanning lower to high tiers. Lately it has been pushing a more professional sleek and simple visual design, which is simply irresistible for example their new Pro X headset. Take a gander at one of its latest keyboards, the G413.

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The Logitech G413 has an impactful design, with a single colour led backlighting, which is white, so nice and neutral, and brushed metal backplate - it's a real looker. It avoids the gaudier look that a lot of peripherals have when they feature full RGB backlighting, and would be usable in a professional environment. Its snazzy look is accentuated by its usability features, such as a built-in USB port, perfect for plugging in a mouse, which is powered by using both USB inputs to the keyboard.

Aside from looks, the keyboard is mechanical, and employs Logitech's micro-switch keys, which have an incredibly satisfying click, and have just the right amount of travel. Some mechanical keyboards clicks are much too loud permeating microphone conversations and through neighbours' walls, but, luckily, this particular keyboard uses relatively quiet switches, so tip tapping away while conversing doesn't feel as rude as it could.

Image for Tech Up! Logitech G413 Silver Gaming Keyboard

While the board features the full QWERTY key range, and a full number pad, it does lack dedicated media and function keys, opting instead for a function key that needs to be held. This is a bit frustrating as volume and media keys that just required a quick tap would have felt a bit more user-friendly.

Packaging from Logitech is always fairly minimalistic, and this was no different, including the board, and a safety manual. Set up is very easy. The braided cables have a double USB end that once both plugged in the keyboard drivers should install and it'll light up. The one major accessibility issue is that the board doesn't come packaged with a wrist rest, which means that after a long day of work wrists can feel strained. 

Rated 7 out of 10

Very Good - Bronze Award

Rated 7 out of 10
Honestly it is a very satisfying and sleek keyboard that has very little in the way of rivals. The more professional and sublimely simple look means that it can be multifunctional or deployed in a workplace for colleagues to envy. Heartily recommended, even for those who normally seek fully customisable lighting.

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