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By Lilly K. 07.08.2020 1

EKSA as a company has made it its mission to produce comfortable, affordable gaming headsets, and it seems their mission is a success with this E900 Pro Gaming Headset. Working with all the major consoles, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch, this headset is everything a gamer could need (in terms of a listening and microphone device). Of course, because of the AUX output, the headset can be used on any device that supports this (think Nintendo DS or other older consoles). Here's a quick but thorough look at it.

The headset comes in a nice big leather pouch. Not only does this pouch look stylish, there is also enough room to hold all the cables, leaving the owner with a nice practical package that can easily fit in bags to be carried around. Should the owner wish to use the headset for listening to music only, perhaps while on public transport or similar, they can choose to detach the microphone. This is done easily, and the microphone can just be stored back in the leather pouch until it is needed. Both the AUX and USB cable are equipped with a Velcro cable tie. This ensures that these can be stored in a neat and organised manner. This feature is very much appreciated and a great idea!

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The head- and earpieces are very comfortable. Soft leather ensures that the headset can be worn over a long period of time without discomfort. This is also true for people wearing glasses. As such, long hours of gaming will be no problem. Of course, the size of the headset can be adjusted to different head sizes, and the microphone is flexible and can therefore be adjusted to exactly were the wearer wants it. This is a wonderful feature of this product. The headset, that includes both the headphones and the microphone, can be used using either the included USB or AUX cable. As such, it can be used with numerous devices, including PC and Mac. This makes this headset not only a wonderful gaming accessory, but it can also be used for work-related or personal video calls.

The sound quality is excellent for both video calls and video games, as well as listening to music generally. Using the USB cable will increase the sound quality for both input and output, but can as of now only be used with PC, Mac and PlayStation 4 (by plugging it directly into the PlayStation 4 console). This does not mean that the audio quality lacks in any way when using the AUX cable. It is more than adequate. The sound output, especially, is great.

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Those wishing for a feature to mute their microphone will be glad to learn that a mute button is integrated on the headset itself. It is easy to find and activate even while wearing the headset, which is another one of the many positive aspects. Additionally, there's a volume adjust wheel. Being a proper wheel, players can get a feeling for adjusting the volume quite easily without having to take the headset off to look at it. This wheel is, again, easy to find and wonderful to use.

Another great feature is the AUX cable lock function. When plugging the AUX cable into the headset, with a quick turn players can lock the cable into place. It is now no longer possible to suddenly yank it out accidentally. This feature also ensures that listening to music while out and about is a lot easier.

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The look of the headset is both stylish and unassuming at the same time, making it the perfect gimmick to use for gaming, work and out and about. By detaching the microphone, the headset is a simple (but stylish) pair of headphones and can be used in public while listening to music. For sudden important video calls, the microphone, stored in the stylish leather pouch, can quickly be attached to the headset. 

Rated 9 out of 10

Exceptional - Gold Award

Rated 9 out of 10
The EKSA E900 pro Gaming Headset offers everything people could be looking for in a headset and more, for a more than affordable price. All its features and added bonuses, coupled with extreme comfort, make this as amazing as it is. It is more than worth its price, and can definitely be recommended.

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Tim T. (guest) 08.08.2020#1

Sorry but this almost reads as an advertisement. Zero negatice points?
Why the 9 then and not a 10?

I also miss the soundquality from the microphone.

And no mention about the price?
In the conclusion you say its more than worth its price. What price??

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