Tech Up! CLCKR's Stand and Grip Case for iPhone 11

By Adam Riley 07.09.2020

UPDATE: More information, as well as a closer hands-on test video are now available...

Cubed3 recently did an in-depth product review that included an #unboxing of #CLCKR's #standandgripcase for #iPhone11. Unfortunately, due to filming being done with the actual iPhone 11, it didn't get a fair crack of the whip. Adam Riley digs out an older phone to record this hands-on/user-test with the iPhone 11... showing the original video in the background!

The CLCKR is 'click tested' a minimum of 10,000 times in the manufacturing process and is put through a 10kg pull test so users should find it very sturdy and reliable. In terms of protection, the CLCKR is drop-tested to the military specification grade of a two-metre drop-test, or 6.6ft, which is the current standard for drop-tested cases.

More details:

- Convertible design that easily transforms between a comfortable hand grip and a phone stand usable in both portrait and landscape mode;

- Clicking into place for stability, it's a quarantine-relevant accessory that's great for long duration uses like video conferencing, streaming media, and home workouts;

- CLCKR's slim profile means it won't interfere with wireless charging stations, and fits easily into tight pockets or cramped handbags without snagging;

- The style is sleek and sophisticated, appealing to fashion-forward users and making it a nice alternative option to other grips.

Find out more at

Can you spot the other various goodies? There are Pikmin, Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Super Mario, Brain Training, The Legend of Zelda bits and bobs, plus other gaming goods, and even a Psy-themed Bibigo Korean food accessory.

Original Article: There are many different phone cases out there, some of which protect the back and sides, whilst others have a front-facing cover, as well. Cubed3 now takes a look at CLCKR's Stand and Grip Case for iPhone 11, which is a back and side casing, with a special grip at the back for holding one-handed, as well as allowing for the phone to be propped up vertically or horizontally for enjoying movie footage without fear of the phone toppling over.

Just how impressive is CLCKR's latest release, though? Adam Riley gives a brief overview, followed by an in-depth look at, and user-test of, this new product:



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