Tech Up! GUNNAR Optiks' Lightning Bolt 360 Gamer Glasses - Full Hands-On Test

By Adam Riley 10.09.2020

Cubed3 tends to try out all sorts of goodies that hit the market in an effort to share the highs and lows of new products vying for your attention. Trying out gaming glasses, though, is a first, yet an overall positive experience indeed. Check out Adam Riley's in-depth unboxing of GUNNAR Optiks' Lightning Bolt 360 gaming glasses, as well as a full user-test of the stylish kit that is perfect for anyone's set-up.

Also included in the video are plenty of Adam's terrible jokes/puns, as well as various bits and bobs about Cubed3's history that you may or may not have known about:

Are gaming glasses something you would consider? You can find out more over at the GUNNAR Optiks official website or the European-specific page.

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