News: FIRST Xbox Series S Retail Unboxing!

By Neil Flynn 28.10.2020 4

News: FIRST Xbox Series S Retail Unboxing! on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Cubed3 has had the opportunity to unbox the new retail edition of the Xbox Series S. What does the box look like and what is included in the box? Watch the unboxing video below to find out.

Be sure to pay close attention to the Cubed3 website in the run up to the Xbox Series X and Series S launch which is now less than two weeks away (November 10th 2020). 


Are you picking up a new Xbox this holiday season? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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Love this - great work, Neil! Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

My pleasure!

Our member of the week

The only gripe I have with the Series S is baclwards compat is not as good as on XBox Series X or even XBox One X, but will be aligned with the XBox One S instead. OG XBox and X360 games that have superior resolution on XBox One X over XBox One S will run on Series S just as they would on XBox One S, which is to say that for example 360 games that didn't get any bump to resolution still won't get any here.

It's still a pretty compelling offering though at that price, even if I personally can't live without physical games (OK so I guess that would be a second gripe after all XD).

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

I can't possibly comment yet but I am sure you'll read my full review when it is up!

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